Instant SMS RSVP/Registration Solution

Are you running an event for your members or clients?
While email invitation is commonly used, the email may end up in the spam box or your members may not have internet access to register for the event in time, especially for events with limited seats available.

With our new SMS RSVP service, event orgainsers can send out SMS to their targeted members via our online portal The recipient can simply reply "Join XX" to register for the event. Organisers can then login to download the participating list into Microsoft Excel or our SMS RSVP service can feed each registration to the organiser's website

Such service is most suitable for Events & Marketing Company, Wedding Dinner Invitation SMS, Seminars Organisers, Regular Sports Event Organisers etc...

Case study:
Badminton Network has been orgainising social badminton session since 2006. Their website allow public to register the name and mobile number for their regular event. The event has limited slot avaliable to avoid overcrowded.

However some registered participants did not turn up for the session, resulting in insufficient players and the organiser were making losses for the event, moreover the mobile number submitted is not valid. 

With our new SMS RSVP service, Badminton Network enable public to sign up the event via SMS. The mobile number will be auto validated by doing so. Since the implementation, Badminton Network has overwhealming response, not only are their regular event always fully packed, the attendance has increased tremendously.

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